New Summer Dishes from Avoca-To-Go

May 01, 2017

SWEET & STICKY BARBEQUE SAUCE. Our secret barbeque sauce recipe is the perfect marinade or dip for your summer feasts. It’s sweet, tangy, smoky & perfect on just about anything. For best results we recommend marinating your meat overnight before cooking!
SMOKED CHIPOTLE BEEF. Ultimate Mexican summer feast. Best served with warm flour tortillas, plenty of guacamole & fresh lime. Also a great topping for Barbequed baked potatoes!
SPANISH CHICKEN & CHORIZO. Light summer recipe, full of Spanish flavour! Best served with a light green salad & grilled bread, drizzled with olive oil.
BARBEQUE BABY BACK RIBS. Sweet & sticky ribs marinated in Avoca’s own Barbeque sauce. A summer favourite....make sure you have plenty of napkins!!!
STICKY HONEY BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS. A must have for your summer BBQ, Classic Sticky Buffalo style wings with a hint of honey. Best served with Avoca’s Cashel blue cheese dip & fresh Crudité.
KOREAN SESAME & GINGER CHICKEN WINGS. A delicious fragrant recipe bursting full of ginger, sesame & lemongrass flavour. A must have for your summer BBQ. Best served with a squeeze of fresh lime!
SUMMER SWEETCORN WITH CHILLI & LIME BUTTER. A delicious side dish perfect grilled on the BBQ, then toss with fresh lime butter. Just add a pinch of sea salt!
AVOCA SUMMER LEMON CHEESECAKE. A refreshing, light & citrusy dessert. We recommend serving with our summer wild berry compote, perfect flavour match!
SUMMER WILD BERRY COMPOTE. All the amazing summer berries gently simmered with hints of cinnamon & star anise. Delicious served with cheesecakes, ice cream or even added to your favourite yoghurt for a breakfast treat!