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Frequently Asked Questions About Men's Clothing

The men’s clothing range from Avoca features top brands such as Selected Homme, Far Afield, Edmmond Studios, ArmedAngels and many more. We’ve got men’s clothes for all occasions, including puffer jackets for cold Winter days, chinos for the office or nights out, t-shirts for chilling and blazers for when you need to add a touch of class to your outfit. Our men’s accessories range includes everything from socks, to card holders to rechargeable bike lights, so there’s something for everyone. 

Read our FAQs to learn more about men’s clothes

  • What are the latest fashion trends for men?

    Men’s clothing fashion is always changing and trends can come as quickly as they go. Staying on top of these trends can be hard, but with just a few simple hacks you can ensure you’re always looking great - 

    Oversized clothing - Oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets are popular among men these days. Pairing an oversized jumper or t-shirt with some skinny jeans is a modern, casual look.

    Sustainable fashion – Brands that source materials from sustainable sources or use eco-friendly manufacturing processes are seeing a boom in sales. Sustainability is a major talking point not just in men’s clothing, but worldwide.

    Earthy tones - Earthy and muted tones like olive green, burnt orange, and tan are trendy this year.

    Athletic-inspired clothing - Clothing that blends athletic and casual styles, like jogger pants and oversized hoodies, are seeing a trend recently. 

    Layered outfits - Layering clothing items, like wearing a shirt over a turtleneck or hoodie, is quite a trend at the moment and we expect to see this continue.

  • What is the best way to wash men’s clothing?

    Washing men's clothing can vary depending on the type of garment and its care label instructions. However, here are some general tips:

    Read the care label instructions - Before washing any garment, make sure to check the care label instructions for specific washing and drying recommendations. These instructions will give you guidance on what temperature to wash the garment, whether to use bleach or not, and if it can be tumble dried.

    Separate by colour and fabric - Sort your clothing into piles according to their colour and fabric. This will help prevent bleeding of colours and ensure that garments made of delicate materials are not damaged.

    Use the right detergent - Choose a detergent suitable for the type of fabric and colour of your clothes. Use a gentle or mild detergent for delicate fabrics like wool and silk, and a heavy-duty detergent for heavily soiled items like work clothes.

    Choose the right water temperature - Check the care label to determine the appropriate water temperature for the garment. Hot water is best for whites and heavily soiled items, while cold water is better for coloured fabrics.

    Use the right washing cycle - Choose the right washing cycle for your garment. A delicate cycle is best for delicate fabrics, while a normal or heavy cycle is suitable for regular or heavily soiled items.

    Dry properly - Follow the care label instructions to determine whether to air dry or tumble dry your clothes. If you're using a dryer, make sure to set the right temperature and cycle for the garment.

    Iron or steam as needed - Iron or steam your clothes to remove wrinkles, if necessary. Follow the care label instructions for the appropriate iron temperature and steam setting.