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Frequently Asked Questions About Scarves & Wraps

Discover Avoca’s range of beautifully Irish scarves and wraps, made from a carefully curated selection of merino wool, cashmere blend, linen and silk scarves. People often wear a scarf as a piece of fashion, so whether you’re looking for a scarf with print on it, a scarf made of silk or a knitted wrap for keeping warm on those cold winter nights, you’ll be sure to find something you love in our collection.

  • What Is The Best Material For A Scarf?

    Scarves can be made from many different materials, with each having its own benefits and use case. Here are some of the best materials for a scarf:

    Cashmere: Cashmere is a luxurious fabric that provides comfort and style. Cashmere scarves are soft, lightweight and warm.

    Wool: Wool scarves are warm and durable but also breathable. They’re ideal for cold weather and come in different weights and wool types.

    Silk: Perfect for more formal or dressy occasions, silk scarves are luxurious, lightweight and soft.

    Cotton: Cotton is breathable and versatile, making it an ideal light summer scarf. Cotton scarves often come in different patterns and colours. 

    Linen: Another summer favourite, linen scarves are cool and crisp that will keep you comfortable on those hotter days.
  • How to Keep a Scarf in Place?

    Scarves are a versatile accessory that can add warmth, a dash of colour and texture to any outfit. However, with Ireland’s windy days it can be a challenge to keep them in place. Here are some tips for keeping your scarf securely wrapped around your neck:

    Use two knots: Make one simple knot then tuck the ends into the loop, repeat the process. Two is better than one!

    Use a scarf ring: While not exactly the most appealing of accessories, a scarf ring is handy when it comes to keeping a scarf in place. Simply slide the scarf through the ring and adjust.

    Try the European Loop: Fold your scarf in half and drape it around your neck. Take the ends and pass them through the loop created by folding the scarf in half.

  • What is the Proper Way to Wash a Scarf?

    It’s important that you know how to wash your scarves properly in order to extend their lifespan and maintain their appearance. Here’s some tips on how to wash a scarf:

    Check the label: As simple as it sounds, it’s often overlooked. Always check the care label to see if the scarf can be washed in a machine, or if it’s hand-wash only.

    Choose the right temperature: You need to use cold water for delicate fabrics, warm water for medium fabrics and hot water for durable fabrics. Always stick to what is on the care label.

    Use a gentle detergent: Avoid damaging your scarf by using a gentle detergent specially made for delicate fabrics.

    Dry carefully: After washing, air dry your scarf. Avoid putting it in the tumble dryer as it can damage thefabrics.

  • How to Match a Scarf With an Outfit?

    It’s always important to ensure you’ve matched your accessories with your outfit, here are some tips to help:

    Consider the colour: Choose a scarf that compliments or contrasts with the colours in your outfit. For example, if your outfit is neutral, add a pop of colour with a bright scarf.

    Pattern: Patterns are everything. If your outfit has a busy pattern, go for a solid-coloured scarf, or vice-versa.

    Match the occasion: If you’re in formal wear, choose a scarf that’s made of dressier fabric such as silk or cashmere. Cotton and wool tend to work best with more casual looks.