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Frequently Asked Questions About Irish Gifts

  • What Are Popular Irish Gifts?

    Ireland is a land of rich culture and history, and Irish gifts reflect that. Some of the most popular gifts include:

    Irish linen – Irish linen is known for its excellent quality and durability. It’s made from flax, a plant grown in Ireland, and is used to make a variety of products such as tablecloths, napkins, and bedding. Irish linen makes for a luxurious and practical gift.

    Irish Jewellery – Jewellery is part of Ireland’s culture and the many craftspeople producing beautiful pieces stay true to tradition. A piece of Irish jewellery makes for a gift that will last for many years to come.

    Jumpers and Knitwear – Irish knitwear is the stuff of legends. Cosy, warm and stylish, it makes for a perfect gift. Lots of our knitwear is handmade in our Mill, which makes it even more special!

    Traditional Irish Food – Ireland’s has a rich culture of delicious, comforting food. For anyone who loves the taste of Ireland or perhaps is feeling homesick, Irish food is a great gift.
  • Are there any unique Irish gifts?

    With Ireland’s amazing culture, there are certainly a few items that qualify as a unique Irish gift, including:

    Woollen Items – With the changeable Irish weather, Ireland has perfected the woolly jumper that keeps you warm when you need it, but cool when you need it too. It’s not only jumpers we stock however, we produce hats, scarves, blankets and more.

    Cosmetics – Ireland is a land rich in natural resources that are used in many of the beauty products we sell. All of these natural ingredients are perfect for sensitive skin and make for a superb, unique Irish gift.

    Food – As mentioned earlier, Irish food provides warmth and comfort when needed most. Why not gift someone the ability to recreate their favourite dishes with one of our Irish cookbooks?

  • What are traditional Irish gifts for weddings?

    If you’re invited to a wedding and want to give someone a traditional Irish gift, there are a couple of things you could consider.

    Homeware – Of course this dates back to when the tradition was to first live with your partner after you’ve married them, but giving a couple a beautiful set of kitchenware will always be appreciated.

    Hampers – What’s more traditional than a gift hamper? Our gorgeous range contains food hampers and beauty gift sets, so they’re perfect as a wedding gift.

  • What are some Irish gifts that are perfect for Christmas?

    Christmas is a time for giving, and if you’re searching for the perfect Irish gift we’re here to help –

    Hampers – A traditional food hamper stocked full of everyone’s favourite Irish goodies is the ideal gift. Our Christmas hampers contain a delightful mix of festive foods sure to keep everyone happy.

    Jewellery – A piece of jewellery created by a boutique Irish brand makes for a unique Irish gift to treasure for years to come. We have a range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets, so find the perfect one!