Our Design Studio

Much of what you see in our stores has been designed by our in-house creative team. We are passionate about Irish craft and design, and love to create the unusual and the beautiful. From our famous throws and traditional tailored tweed suits of the original Avoca label, our Wicklow-based design studio now create everything from clothing and homeware to candles and soaps, and much, much more.


The first step in our design process is the inspiration. We love to bounce ideas off each other, and discuss the myriad of places we draw our inspiration from. This could be nature, art, travel, scenery or any number of things!

We begin with a photo, a sketch or a painting, and we often find ourselves inspired by the natural elements surrounding us, such as the beautiful vale of Avoca surrounding our weaving mill.

Creating Samples

The next step in the process is to create a sample. We begin to talk about the design, and put pen to paper. This could be in the shape of drawings, scrap books, or sourcing colour samples.

If the design is for a throw or clothing, the piece begins with designing the fabric. Illustrations of coats, jackets and capes are tailored to suit the fabric created, and we may use the hand loom or power loom to run a small sample of our new design.

Production Production Production Production Production


Once the designs are ready and the ideas are fully formed, we move on to production. At the point when all the details are decided we cut patterns to shape, and create the pieces with care to produce beautiful garments that will last a lifetime.

Weaving Process At Our Mill

We love welcoming visitors to our mill where they can soak up the atmosphere and observe the production of our throws, scarves and garment fabrics. To read more about this process visit Our Mill or read on.

The Finer Details

Once the piece has been made, it’s time to add the final touches. We attach our beautifully designed labels and swing tags, or package the item in a beautiful gift box. Once this has all been completed, the new pieces are delivered to our stores, ready to be chosen and cherished by their new owner.