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Dinoblock features thick pages cut into the shape of dinosaurs!
Readers will be introduced to 24 different kinds of dinosaurs via die-cuts of their unique silhouettes and illustrated factual environments, creating a sort of peek-through guessing game around the dinosaur form itself. As children interact with the pages, they will immerse themselves not only in the interesting facts about each dinosaur and its environment, but also in the physicality of each dinosaur's shape.
Illustrated by hip British design team Peskimo, this fresh take on dinosaurs encourages readers to interact with these prehistoric favourites in a whole new way.

• Title: Dinoblock
• Author: Franceschelli, Christopher
• Publisher: Abrams & Chronicle Books Ltd
• Categories: Children, Dinosaurs, Educational, Interactive
• Hardback
• Colour Illustrations by Peskimo
• 96 Pages
• 159x133mm

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