A History Of The World In 25 Cities

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A History Of The World In 25 Cities

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A stunningly illustrated book of 25 extraordinary city maps, which tell the story of human civilisation from ancient history to the present day. Featuring vibrant, beautifully detailed artwork, each carefully researched map takes readers on a city tour at a unique moment in time: Athens at the birth of democracy; the beautiful lamplit streets of medieval Benin; and even China's lost capital of Xianyang, for which no original map exists, and which was painstakingly recreated with help from the British Museum's experts.

• Title: A History of the World in 25 Cities
• Author: Turner, Tracey & Donkin, Andrew
• Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
• Categories: Childrens, History, General Knowledge
• Hardback
• Colour Illustrated
• 112 Pages

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