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Rough Interiors

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Buildings and rooms bearing traces of the past that are integrated into new concepts are arousing enthusiasm both within and beyond the design scene: Raw ceilings, unplastered walls, and visible concrete girders meet innovative conversion ideas, creative shapes, and modern materials. Whether through striking contrast with the new creation or reinterpretation of the existing architecture – or indeed both together – all featured projects are defined by their respectful and thoughtful stance towards the sites they occupy and establish an enthralling relationship between the old and the new. Whether low budget or high-end, music academy or doctor’s clinic, trendy restaurant or loft apartment, the interiors of each individual project are distinguished by an exciting interplay of history and the present age.

• Title: Rough Interiors
• Author: Kramer, Sibylle
• Publisher: Thames & Hudson
• Categories: Home & Interiors
• Hardback
• 256 Pages

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