Growing Our Own

Eating food grown close to home isn’t a passing trend – it’s return to tradition.

We Serve What We grow

We are always striving to get closer to the origins of food and where it comes from - literally. At Avoca, we grow a lot of our own ingredients organically. We have a vast kitchen garden at Avoca Dunboyne, where you can immerse yourself in a true ‘farm to fork’ experience. Sitting in the covered terrace amidst rows of growing fruit and vegetables, you can enjoy the seasonal, fresh menu. We serve what we grow. There’s nothing quite like tucking into freshly dug new potatoes - with lashings of butter, salt and pepper, of course.

Fresh and Seasonal

We also have our own polytunnels where we grow vegetables, leaves and micro herbs. With the firm belief that creating good food requires good ingredients grown in season and prepared with respect and care, our passionate chefs are constantly on the lookout for new and unusual things to grow and add to our menus.