Pumice Stone & Tray

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Pumice Stone & Tray

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Use this pumice stone regularly on any dry, calloused skin to soften and remove it so you can enjoy a softer, smoother finish. Create a care routine at night by using the pumice stone on your feet before bed, applying a rich moisturiser, and slipping them into socks to wake up to softer, happier feet!

Set Contains:
• Pumice Stone - A porous, abrasive stone made from cooled volcanic rock.
• Wooden Tray – The perfect place to neatly house your newest beauty essential!

How to use your pumice stone - Pumice stones are mainly used for dry, cracked heels and elbows. Start by soaking the calloused skin for several minutes in warm water. Wet the stone and then gently rub in small, circular motions until the dead skin is removed. Don't press too hard, light pressure is all that is needed. Let the surface of the stone do the work. Pat the skin dry and apply a rich moisturiser to deeply hydrate the area.

How to care for your pumice stone - After use, scrub the stone with a scrubbing brush and a little soap to clean it thoroughly. Hang it up to completely dry out and then store on the wooden tray provided.
Set Contains:
• Volcanic Pumice Stone
• Wooden Tray

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