Our priority is fresh, local ingredients, cooked with care.

At Avoca, we are dedicated to fresh, quality ingredients and Irish provenance.

Freshness is paramount, so sourcing local, seasonal, organic produce is essential. Our food buyers are at the vegetable market at very early hours each and every day so that our chefs have the best raw materials to work with. It's not just about the flavours you get from good ingredients - it's that you get all the goodness too. We don't add any artificial flavours or ingredients, and we believe you can taste that in our cooking. Eating together is so important and in our kitchen we try to make every meal count, and that all starts with what goes into it.

Keeping it Local

When our food journey began, there were only a few shops championing Irish artisan producers. Today, though, we are spoiled. We get fantastic organic salad leaves of enormous variety all summer long, and great organic vegetables all year round. From the happy hen eggs just up the road to the local dairy farmer who is now a world-class cheesemaker, we’ve come a long way. But we'd prefer if our food didn’t.

Food, Glorious Food

Creating good food requires great ingredients grown in season and prepared with love and care. Our guiding principle is to prepare food freshly and from the finest ingredients. Our scones are made with pure Irish butter, our salads with the best leaves we can get, our soups with only the freshest vegetables. Creating great meals that linger longer in the memory requires a little alchemy and a lot of inspiration. One thing is sure - the simple pleasure of carefully sourced and crafted food shared with your favourite people is one of life’s joys, and should be treasured.