Our Bakery

There’s no better welcome than the smell of fresh baking

'After the recipe for our famous brown bread was requested more times than we could remember, the decision was made.'

Whatever you’re serving up this Christmas, the Avoca Butchers look forward to helping you pull off the perfect festive feast. We’ve worked hard over the past year to source and support some of the finest ethical farmers and producers in Ireland. We have discussed welfare, quality of feed, and the right to roam freely in orchards, fields and mountain pastures. We are passionate about who we work with, and are proud to be offering the very best of Irish organic, free range and artisan produce to your home this festive season.

Check out a taster of what’s on offer below, or click here to see the full selection including prices, size guides and more.

Then, there are the cakes: from rich and decadent chocolate fudge to deliciously tangy lemon curd cake and the traditional but beautiful open sponge, there’s something for every occasion. It’s important to us that our customers consider Avoca cafes and bakeries a friendly home from home, and we really are firm believers that baking is love made edible.