PlantIt's Chicken-Free Katsu Curry


Plant-It Chicken-Free Goujons  
2 tbsp Vegetable oil 
Basmati rice or any good white rice 
1 onion 
2 Cloves Garlic  
1 Thumb of Fresh ginger (only need a small amount) 
2 tsp Turmeric powder 
2 tbsp Mild curry powder 
2 tsp Cornstarch 
300ml veg stock 
1 tin coconut milk 
Light soy sauce  
Some lettuce leaves & spring onion to dress  

Side Salad 

1 Garlic clove 
2 shallots 
1 thumb Ginger 
2/3 tblsp Rice wine vinegar 
3 tblsp Ketchup 
3/4 tblspVegetable oil/olive oil 
3/4 tblsp Light soy sauce  
Mixed green leaves


1.     Fry the finely chopped onion, garlic, and chilli in vegetable oil until soft. Ensure the pan is on a low to medium heat to avoid burning anything. 

2.     Add your spices and cook on a low to medium heat. 

3.     Add the flour to the pan and cook it off a bit. 

4.     Add the stock slowly, stirring as you go, followed by your coconut milk. Finish with your sugar and soy sauce and leave to simmer. 

5.     Strain through a sieve to make it smooth. 

6.     Toss the chopped veg in flour. 

7.     Coat in egg (or, if you are veggie/vegan, in a batter you have created from the 50g of flour and 150ml water) 

8.     Toss in panko crumbs 

9.     Fry evenly on both sides until crisp 

To serve, generously heap the rice onto your plate, add the fried chicken or veg, pop a little dressed salad on the side, and liberally pour the curry sauce on top.