#avocafeeling with The Gloss: Week 8

Nov 27, 2020

How are you feeling today? Do you have that #AvocaFeeling?

We’re delighted to have partnered with The Gloss for a fabulous new content series all about what gives us that #avocafeeling! Kicking off our brand new Christmas campaign which is centred around the wonder and joy of the little things, we’d love for you to join in and let us know on social - what are the little things that bring you joy, and evoke that #avocafeeling for you? We’re all about finding and celebrating daily rituals and little pleasures that keep us afloat, in particular in these current challenging times. Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee, sea swimming, forest walking or curling up with your favourite book and throw, we’d love to hear how you find joy in the little things.

Last in our 8 week series is our Director of Marketing, Buying and Creative, Maoliosa Connell. In her interview with The Gloss, Maoliosa tells us about the little rituals that bring her joy every day:

'Personally, I have daily little rituals that bring me a sense of joy, and for me they are always centred around the people I love. Every morning I look forward to waking up and telling my husband I love him before our busy days begin or taking time to enjoy a walk in the evening with my mother who lives close by. When I’m in the office or at any of our stores, I love the ritual of simply greeting people with a smile and making sure to say hello to my colleagues or the regular customers I have come to know over the years. If I’m driving to the office, I always take the scenic route because I love to see the beautiful view of the Sugarloaf mountain, and I stop to take it all in every day, rain or shine! I always see the same elderly man who walks up that little winding road each morning, and we share a smile and a wave. I don’t know him by name or where he lives but every day we connect which brightens up my day. For me, it’s all about feeling connected to people.'

When thinking about what gives her that #avocafeeling, Maoliosa says, 'This is a tough one as lots of things give me that #avocafeeling! From spending time in nature to being with my family and loved ones, there are lots of little things that bring me joy daily, and things I am always very grateful for. This year as I stand back and reflect, I am incredibly proud of all our teams across all stores who have managed on the frontline through very trying & difficult circumstances with unwavering commitment and loyalty to not only Avoca but primarily our wonderful customers making sure deliveries go out, Food Markets get stocked, coffee gets served and customer service gets delivered. Our team has worked collectively to support us in making sure the tradition that is Christmas stays on track and is celebrated.

As someone who is extremely passionate about working in retail, I am very much looking forward to welcoming our customers back into stores when we can reopen from the 2nd December, fingers crossed! The stores at Christmas time really are magical - when the festive music is playing, the Christmas displays are all set up, there are twinkly lights, customers are coming in feeling festive and doing their Christmas shopping - there really is no better feeling for me than seeing that. So, I would have to say that’s my #avocafeeling, and I’m excited to welcoming people back in whatever capacity that may be.'

Don't forget, we’d love to hear what gives you that #avoacfeeling too so please share it with us! Follow @theglossmag and @avocaireland and share your little joys with us using #avocafeeling.

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