#avocafeeling with The Gloss: Week 1

Oct 08, 2020

How are you feeling today? Do you have that #AvocaFeeling?

We’re delighted to have partnered with The Gloss for a fabulous new content series all about what gives us that #avocafeeling! Kicking off our brand new Christmas campaign which is centred around the wonder and joy of the little things, we’d love for you to join in and let us know on social - what are the little things that bring you joy, and evoke that #avocafeeling for you? We’re all about finding and celebrating daily rituals and little pleasures that keep us afloat, in particular in these current challenging times. Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee, sea swimming, forest walking or curling up with your favourite book and throw, we’d love to hear how you find joy in the little things.

First up in the series is the fabulous June from Snamhai Sasta, a growing group of happy swimmers all over Ireland. You can find her on Instagram here. In her interview with The Gloss she describes how she and her fellow swimmers find comfort, joy and connectedness in the water, gaining strength from one another. Despite having lived next to the sea her whole life, June only discovered it’s magical healing powers at the age of 47, and now there’s no stopping her from her daily swim!

On describing how the swim group came to be, June says, 'I set up the Snámhai Sásta in June 2019 after I lost my beloved husband to suicide. At the time, my two children were 5 and 9, and it was a very sad and difficult time for our family. The years that followed were very difficult too, and with caring for my children I had come to completely neglect myself. I was suffering badly from stress and anxiety and anything I tried to alleviate it - like going to the gym, walking and yoga - didn’t work for me.

One day, as I was sitting having a coffee and looking out at the beach at Spanish Point (the same ocean I’d been looking out at my whole life!) I said to my mom that I was going to go for a swim the next day. Something which might surprise people is that I can’t actually swim, and quite rightly my mom pointed this out! At this stage though, it really was sink or swim for me, and I was motivated to keep going by my two children.

The first morning dip felt truly incredible, and it was as if I left all my troubles at the shoreline. I thought others might feel the same, and that’s how Snámhai Sásta was born. I set up an Instagram page where I promoted the benefits of sea swimming both mentally and physically, and invited people to join me. On Day Two there were only two of us swimming, but from there it has since grown to 700+!  On Snámhai Sásta’s first birthday, people came from all over Ireland to join in, and it was a really inspiring day.

When asked about what has given her that #avocafeeling, June said,

'Snámhai Sásta welcomes people of all ages, shapes and sizes. We don’t care what size your swimsuit is, if you’re a man or a woman - everyone is welcome to join our group for a dip at Spanish Point. The day of the Avoca shoot, we absolutely loved having a swim with the creative team after all the hard work was done. What a way to end a workday! It is a truly amazing thing to share with others, and it’s such a joy to see so many people enjoying something so simple that costs nothing. I got the #avocafeeling that day as we made new friends and enjoyed an incredible dip in the ocean together after a creative and fun day shooting! In my experience, our group creates friendships that last a lifetime, and we make amazing memories each day we get into that water. If you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to. I promise you won’t regret it!'

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