New Own Brand Coffee at Avoca

Jan 18, 2022

We are delighted to introduce our new own-brand coffee in three delicious blends. Available in all Avoca stores and online, each blend of coffee has it’s own unique packaging design, created by our talented in-house graphic designers.


Our Fair Trade Colombian coffee is deliciously sweet and smooth, with subtle notes of red fruits combined with flavours of hazelnut and caramel. Made from organic coffee beans, it offers a delicate depth of flavour.

The original artwork on this packaging has been designed in-house at Avoca, and is inspired by the vibrant and colourful streets of Colombian villages with a portrait of a local coffee farmer on the building’s facades.


Our Sumatra Gayo single origin organic Fair Trade coffee combines notes of cocoa and dark chocolate, for our coffee lovers who enjoy the darker side. 

Hailing from Sumatra, an area known for its rich and bio diverse landscape, this earthy coffee offers a delicious depth of flavour and a rich, smooth finish. The artwork is inspired by the Sumatran jungle. It features luscious foliage typical of the Sumatran landscape, as well as a native orangutan swinging from a treetop.


Our house blend is made with the finest Fair Trade coffee beans from the great growing regions of Colombia, Nicaragua and Brazil. It’s subtly sweet with notes of caramelised sugar and tangerines.

Perfect for your morning cafetière if you opt for the ground version. Alternatively, there is also a whole bean option to grind as you like at home. Inspired by the three lands where these beans were grown, the unique design features a trio of hills in the distance, with orange trees in the foreground as a nod to the hint of sweet tangerines.

We hope you'll enjoy our delicious coffee - pick up a packet in your nearest Food Market from this week, or find it online here!