Baker Job
Hours: Full-Time/ Daytime Hours
Location: Kilmacanogue & Central Bakery Unit


We are looking for an experienced baker to join our team. Baking is very much at the heart of what we do at Avoca. Using high quality ingredients and techniques are essential to our produce & our customers have come to know and love what we do. A Baker’s role is to prepare breads, scones and other baking products in line with Avoca standards, recipes and quality. Listed below are some of the duties and responsibilities required in this position. All duties are subject to the instruction of a direct line manager, or general manager, depending on the business needs. 

The ideal candidate will:
-Have 6 months relevant experience
-Be available for early starts (a typical shift for Bakers is 2am-11am)
-Be enthusiastic & ready to hit the ground running

Roles and Responsibilities:

HACCP – Food systems management should be up to date and compliant with HACCP and EHO guidelines. Rotation of stock should be regularly practiced (FIFO – First in, first out). Ask questions, make sure you are up to date with HACCP training.

Food Preparation – Daily and Weekly food preparation should be undertaken to ensure preparation for the following day or week is of a high standard and sufficient.

Kitchen Setup/End of Day Duties – ensuring all counters and surfaces are clean, along with storage shelves and storage fridges.

Food storage – Along with HACCP, food should be stored in appropriate, clean, dry containers and labelled with date of production AND use by date.

Presentation – Ensure that all breads, scones and baking products are presentable in keeping with Avoca standards or as directed by your line manager/Head Chef.

Uniforms – Only clean, approved uniforms should be worn in the kitchen. This includes safe and appropriate footwear, and hair coverings. Please do not wear chef uniforms to and from work to avoid bacterial cross-contamination.


 Cleanliness/Organization – cleanliness in your day to day duties is an important aspect of this role, along with organization skills to ensure all food is properly stored, rotated, and in keeping with health and safety regulations

Timekeeping – Adhere to the sick leave policy and absence policies, using correct notification methods (to a direct supervisor). Holidays should be pre-approved before booking

Multi-tasking – the ability to focus on more than one thing at a time is important as food needs to be prepared in a timely manner. An example of this is keeping an eye on any food items in the oven whilst preparing another dish simultaneously.

Flexibility – The nature of the business is dependent on customer service which requires certain aspects of flexibility such as roster changes, cover on days that are short-staffed that may be in different areas of the kitchen other than your normal day-to-day role. Every effort shall be made to notify you of this in sufficient time beforehand.

Perks of the Job:

-Avoca Food and Coffee during breaks
-Pension Opportunities
-Career Progression Opportunities

Does this sound like the job for you? If so, please email your CV to with "Full-Time Baker Kilmacanogue & CBK" in the subjet line. All successful candidates will be contacted for a further trial/interview. Thanks and good luck!


To apply, send us your current curriculum vitae along with covering letter and references.

open envelope with @ symbol


Reference: Baker, Kilmacanogue and CBK