Irish Rhubarb and Elderflower Crumble


For the Crumble

500g diced butter
400g brown butter
240g Oats
450g Plain Flour
10ml Vanilla Extract
320g Flaked Almonds

For the Rhubarb
1kg Irish rhubarb
400g Caster Sugar
1 Vanilla pods
50ml Elderflower cordial
Zest of 1 lemon


For the crumble:

In a large mixing bowl add plain flour, brown sugar, vanilla, diced butter, broken hazelnuts and flaked almonds and start to rub together. Push with your thumbs for around 5-10 mins. What you are looking for is clusters - little nuggets that will make the most amazing contrast to the soft fruit. We do not want it to be powdery. Bake in a preheated oven at 160c for 15 – 20 mins stirring every 5 mins.

Golden brown is what we are looking for. Allow to cool.

For the Rhubarb:

Put rhubarb, sugar and scraped vanilla in a bowl. Grate in lemon zest and add in elderflower cordial. Mix well, and then transfer to a pot. Cook on a high heat, stirring every couple of minutes. It should take no more than 10 mins. Cook the rhubarb a little short of where you like it. Transfer to a baking tray and cover in the beautiful crumble. This method ensures a much crunchier crumble overall, when reheating be aware you are just reheating as everything is cooked already. Enjoy.