Homespun's Quinoa Crunch Ferrero Rocher


1 x Homespun Quinoa Crunch Pecan and Cranberry (275g)
200g chocolate (Callebaut Belgian chocolate buttons is used here)
50g organic coconut oil

You will also need: 

A mini muffin tray lined with mini cup-cake cases
Large bowl & spatula


This is a recipe from Erica Roseingrave Sheehan, Founder of healthy Irish food brand Homespun, which you can discover in our Food Markets.

 These crunchy chocolatey nuggets of deliciousness are so easy to make, everyone loves them and the tiny but rich bite size portions make the perfect little treat.

Gently melt the chocolate and coconut oil in a large bowl hovering over (but not touching) water just about simmering in a pot.

Stir so the chocolate and oil are well mixed and when they’re completely melted, pour in the Quinoa Crunch.

Stir well so the mixture is covered evenly. Using a teaspoon, add the mixture to the cupcake cases. Heap them to make them chunkier.

Set in the fridge to chill for a few hours so they’re nice and firm before tucking in. Enjoy!