Grilled Lamb Cutlets with preserved Lemon, Garlic, Oregano & Rosemary

a delicious dish of lamb cutlets which have been marinated to absorb flavours of rosemary, garlic, oregano and lemon. we suggest it is best served with a crisp, green salad tossed in a herb infused dressing.


1 rack of lamb or 6 cutlets
20g rosemary
1 clove of garlic
1 teaspoon of dried Oregano
20g preserved lemon
Cracked black pepper
50ml olive oil or rapeseed oil
Sea Salt


Ask your butcher to trim your cutlets. Score the fat with a knife in a criss cross pattern.

Chop garlic and preserved lemon finely, and next chop the rosemary.

Place lamb in a bowl and season with herbs, preserved lemon, sea salt and cracked black pepper. Marinade for 30 mins.

You can grill for best results or we used a skillet for this recipe making sure to render the fat first, then turn and brown and baste.

We really want the fat rendered and crispy and maybe a touch of pink left in the centre.