Pop Up with Sustainable Seafood Ireland at Avoca Ballsbridge

May 15, 2020

Update: Oct. 13th 2020_Sustainable Seafood Ireland have moved on from our Ballsbridge pop up, we wish them well! We're delighted to announce a new pop up, Joeanna Caffery Flowers. Bursting with beautiful bouquets, flowers and wreaths we are pleased to have this goregous pop up available for the autumnal season. Open 7-days a week at Avoca Ballsbridge.You can find the opening hours and contact info for our Ballsbridge store here.

Niall Sabongi and Sustainable Seafood Ireland at Avoca Ballsbridge!

From Friday 15th May, Sustainable Seafood Ireland will be setting up shop in our Ballsbridge Food Market, offering the finest fresh fish each day to our neighbours and customers in the area. Focusing primarily on domestic and wild caught seafood, they offer a variety of both finfish & shellfish, as well as specialty smoked and cured fish.

The full range of fresh fish will be available in the ‘Pop Up’ marketplace at Avoca Ballsbridge every Friday and Saturday from 8.30am – 4.30pm and Bank Holiday Sundays. There will also be a prepacked offer of fish available from Monday - Sunday, so you can enjoy this wonderful fish any night of the week! You can also order and collect in our Avoca Ballsbridge store.

Sustainability is at their core which makes this a natural partnership. The team believe in knowing where their fish comes from so customers can enjoy it with confidence. The team only stock fish that is in season, and each morning the fish they have caught is brought to market to be filleted by their expert fishmongers. 

The main source for their fabulous fish and seafood is the East coast  of Ireland, where they work with small independent boats and co-ops, as well as small day boats in Donegal, Sligo, Arranmore and more. Sourcing the seafood from a close network of purveyors and fishermen using world-class standards, Sustainable Seafood Ireland are able to ensure transparency at every step, from the waters the fish are harvested in, the catch method, down to the boat and skippers. An example of this is that all of the fish for sale will have the name of the fisherman and boat it was caught from displayed on it!

Sustainable Seafood Ireland work closely with small independent boats and fisherman who are dedicated and passionate about their craft. We are truly delighted to partner with Sustainable Seafood Ireland and Niall on this wonderful initiative to bring the best in Irish seafood to our customers.

You can find the opening hours and contact info for our Ballsbridge store here.