Our Design Studio

From colourful socks to floral tops & every button in between

We love detail, colour and quality. We love them more when tied together with a whimsical touch. We relish the unexpected and the smile of discovery. From the traditional tailored tweed suits and separates of the original Avoca label, our Design Studio in Co. Wicklow has grown wings and flown. It’s a hotbed of inspiration, chock-a-block and chaotic, a bustling hive of ideas and what ifs. Clothing, homewares and accessories are all created here, as well as ceramics, candles, soaps and much more.

Our famous Buttons ceramics range is a long-standing best-seller in our stores, while our quirky, patterned rain macs are quickly becoming new favourites. Seeking out the unusual and the beautiful, we design things firstly because we love them ourselves, and then hope we’re not alone in our taste.We trust each other’s instincts and follow through on impulses to see where they’ll go. With a commitment to being fearlessly authentic, the only limit on our designers’ ideas, is that they're not like anyone else’s.

we make socks, scarves, cups, bowls. tea towels, aprons, mens socks, hats, alphabet mugs, candles, soaps, hand creams, wraps, gloves, jams, chutneys, chocolate, teapots, cake stands, salad bowls, ties, notebooks, jumpers, tea, t-shirts, cardigans, linen shirts, alphabet scarves, silk scarves, kids hats, bags, purses, fun fur collars, raincoats, sweatshirts, oil