Atlas Of Record-Breaking Adventures

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Atlas Of Record-Breaking Adventures

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A collection of the biggest, fastest, longest, toughest, tallest and most deadly things from around the world.

Whether you're exploring the hottest place on Earth in Ethiopia, the world’s largest cave in Vietnam, or riding the longest railway across Russia, adventure is all around you in this fun-packed atlas. With over 30 scenes to explore, adventurers 7 years and older will find hundreds of things to spot, with facts about our astonishing planet to learn on every page. Get ready to meet some incredible record-breakers in this beautifully illustrated compendium of natural and human phenomena.

• Title: Atlas Of Record-Breaking Adventures
• Author: Letherland, Lucy & Hawkins, Emily
• Publisher: Aurum Press Imprints
• Categories: Children, Educational, Facts
• Hardback
• Colour Illustrations
• 96 Pages
• 370x272mm

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