Lonely Planet's Guide To Life

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Lonely Planet's Guide To Life

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Wisdom from the world’s cultures.

Do you want to eat as well as the French, enjoy life as much as the Costa Ricans, live as thoughtfully as the Scandinavians and be as healthy as the Japanese? This book collects together cultural wisdom from 86 countries to form the ultimate reference book for living well. Each culture has its own practices, beliefs and maxims - handed down from generation to generation, covering everything from keeping a house tidy as a Shinto shrine to cooking a meal as simple and nutritious as a southern Italian’s supper.

• Title: Lonely Planet’s Guide To Life
• Author: Lonely Planet
• Publisher: Lonely Planet
• Categories: Travel / Maps, World Cultures, Mind / Body / Spirit
• Hardback
• Colour Photos
• 416 Pages
• 216x171mm

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