Lemongrass & Ginger Scented Card

Max Benjamin

Lemongrass & Ginger Scented Card

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Good things come in small Max Benjamin packages – an expertly scented card complete with ribbon to hang in your wardrobe or car, or pop in your gym bag or drawer. Designed to release a delightfully subtle fragrance over approximately four months. Lemongrass & Ginger is a spicy and energising blend of subtle citrus herbs and mild woody spiced ginger, this candle is perfect to add a cleansing and uplifting aroma to any space.

• Vegan
• Cruelty Free

• ‘Create your own opportunities’ has long been the mantra of Wicklow home & lifestyle fragrance creators Max Benjamin. Nestled in the beautiful hills of county Wicklow, this tight knit and family run business has a strong ethos around crafting as sustainably and ethically as possible. They are inspired daily by their locality and the people within it, their aim is to bring the power and wellbeing of fragrance to peoples’ homes and lives.
• Recyclable Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) Scented Card with Ribbon

For Best Results:
• Use in small spaces like your handbag, wardrobe, drawers, suitcase or car.

• Vegan
• Cruelty Free
• Sustainably & Ethically Sourced
• All packaging Recyclable
• Fragrance lasts 4 months

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