Seeds of Change - Five Bee Friendly Wildflower Bombs


Seeds of Change - Five Bee Friendly Wildflower Bombs

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Seed bombing is an ancient practice that restores native wildflowers. Throw these bombs of soil and seeds to the earth and watch them grow into a feasting ground for bees, butterflies, birds and moths. FieldDay seed bombs are hand rolled in County Meath, Ireland from chemical free soil and loaded with 28 native Irish Wildflowers. A secret ingredient (chilli powder - not so secret now) deters insect predators from eating them.

* Please note - these seed species will be happiest growing in Europe.

• Contains 5 Seed Bombs
• Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free
• Sustainable Packaging Printed with Vegetable Inks

• There is more to Irish creators FieldDay than their stunningly scented home and beauty products; there is also a true appreciation of the wild and wonderful natural Irish landscape and a commitment to its conservation and restoration.

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