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Meadow Room Diffuser


Meadow Room Diffuser

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  • One size::::



Welcome the mellow and fresh fragrance of an untouched, sun warmed Irish meadow to take seed in your home – An earthy and sweet scent with enchanting dewy notes of grass, hay and clover.

The Field Day diffuser is a little jar of joy; created to enhance the aroma and character within your home.
• Lasts Up To 16 Weeks
• Eco-Friendly Solvent
• Renewably Sourced
• Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free
• Sustainable Packaging Printed with Vegetable Inks

• There is more to Irish creators Field Day than their stunningly scented home and beauty products; there is also a true appreciation of the wild and wonderful natural Irish landscape and a commitment to its conservation and restoration.
• 100ml

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