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Salad Love

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How to create a lunch time salad, every weekday, in twenty minutes or less.

David Bez is a food lover with a limited lunch break; an Italian who cares about what's on his plate; a designer who knows that you eat with your eyes first. For several years, he has made himself a salad for lunch every day at work, with fresh ingredients, minimum preparation time, and maximum flavour, sparking both envy and admiration from his colleagues. Clearly marked with a vegetarian, vegan, raw, omnivore or pescatarian designation, every salad in this book can be adapted to suit a different diet.

• Title: Salad Love
• Author: Bez, David
• Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd.
• Categories: Food, Cookbook, Healthy Living
• Paperback
• Colour Photos
• 304 Pages
• 222x175mm

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