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Gut Feeling

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Delicious low FODMAP recipes to soothe the symptoms of a sensitive gut.

The low FODMAP diet is increasingly recognised as the primary management strategy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as it results in a significant reduction of symptoms in over 70% of people who try it.

However, cutting out FODMAPs (a group of short-chain carbohydrates which are frequently malabsorbed in the small intestine) can leave people at a loss as to how to eat well without using staples such as bread, pasta, dairy, onion and garlic.

This book changes all of that.
With 100 delicious recipes – including breakfasts such as Coconut and Mixed Seed Granola, healthy light bites like Prawn Rice Salad, and dinners that include Mexican Chicken Fajitas and Mediterranean Meatballs – you can find real relief and enjoy food once again.

• Title: Gut Feeling
• Author: Maher, Lorraine & Mee, Paula
• Publisher: Gill Books
• Categories: Food, Cookbook, Healthy Living
• Paperback
• 224 Pages
• 230 x 186mm

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