There’s no better welcome than the smell of fresh baking

Over the years we have become well-known for our delicious homemade brown bread, our soda bread and our scones. These days our talented bakers rise before 5am daily to freshly prepared these old favourites, as well as newer delicacies such as banana and pecan muffins, oat cookies, cupcakes, croissants and more.

Baking the Avoca Way

After the recipe for our famous brown bread was requested more times than we could count, the decision to begin our own bakeries was made. The first opened in Avoca Kilmacanoge, and the offering was originally kept simple with some homemade breads and scones. Since then, Avoca have become famous for our wonderful bakeries, where passionate bakers arrive each morning before dawn to freshly bake delicious breads, scones, cakes and pastries for our customers.

Our Recipes

Over the years we’ve heard many customers tell us they would love to try our recipes at home. We offer hundreds of different recipes throughout our cookbooks, for a glimpse at a few you can view our recipe page.

Let them eat cake

Then, there are the cakes. From rich and decadent chocolate fudge to deliciously tangy lemon curd cake and beautifully frosted cupcakes, there’s a cake for every occasion. Avoca cakes have become go-to favourites for birthdays, christenings, anniversary parties and more, and we are happy to accommodate any request. We set out to create a place our customers would consider a friendly home from home, and we love seeing regulars settling down at a table with a coffee, newspaper and their favourite Avoca baked treat. After all, there’s no better welcome than the smell of fresh baking.

Our Cookbooks

With no more than a wooden spoon and a bowl you can begin baking. To be inspired by our wide range of recipes pick your favourite from our Avoca cookbook collection.

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