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On a rainy day in March in 1974, Dublin solicitor Donald Pratt and his wife Hilary drove from Dublin to Avoca Village to see the mill. It was in a state of disrepair.
They were greeted by a local resident by the name of Jim Barry who was running the mill at that time. Jim was so passionate about the mill he convinced Donald that if someone was to resurrect it, it would be a success story again.

Despite knowing nothing about handweaving Donald and Hilary Pratt, purchased the Avoca Mill. They believed there was a future in the Mill’s past. The run-down buildings, the tumbling mill, the rich history of this place had woven a spell of sorts. Donald left his career in law and Hilary gave up her teaching job. They and their five children took over the old, leaking mill and its empty order book. Slowly but surely the looms were humming again, and Avoca began to colour the world once more.