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Our History 641497

In 1733 the Flying Shuttle Loom was invented, hugely impacting the world of weaving. Created by John Kay, an English man who was exposed to the woolen industry his entire life, he knew the problems and the pitfalls and could see the great need for advancement in the industry.

In previous loom designs the shuttle was thrown, or passed, through the threads by hand, and wide fabrics required two weavers seated side by side passing the shuttle between them. John Kay mounted his shuttle on wheels in a track, and used paddles to shoot the shuttle from side to side when the weaver jerked a cord. Using the flying shuttle, one weaver could weave fabrics of any width more quickly than two could before.

This loom is still used today in our Avoca mill in County Wicklow, primarily for our Mohair and Heavy Donegal Throws.