Avoca Charity Partnership with St Patrick's Mental Health for Christmas 2020

Nov 05, 2020

This Christmas, Avoca is proud to partner with Walk in my Shoes, the flagship mental health awareness campaign from St. Patrick’s mental health services. The campaign was first established in 2012 when a young man in St Patrick's said "he wished his friends could walk in his shoes to understand how he was feeling."

Since then, thousands from across Ireland have become involved with the Walk in My Shoes campaign, and have been at the forefront of starting a very important conversation about mental health. Working with charity ambassadors, TV and radio presenter Blaithnaid Treacy and Dublin football player Nicole Owens, Walk in My Shoes promotes positive mental health, to tackle mental health stigma and change how people, particularly young people, think about mental health.

Blathnaid and Nicole both took part in our #avocafeeling campaign with The Gloss Magazine, and spoke to us about the importance of little rituals and simple joys to garner wellbeing, particularly in the current circumstances. Blathnaid talks about the little things that bring her happiness, saying; 'For me going back to basics and focusing on the simple things, like eating a nice meal made from scratch, going for a walk, reading a book or hanging out with family. These are all simple things but it’s amazing how much better they can make you feel. There is always something to smile about, even if it’s a smile because something great is happening for someone else.'

When asked about being an ambassador for Walk in my Shoes, Nicole said; 'Firstly, it’s a cause I really care about and one that is extremely close to home for me. But more importantly, there are a few elements of the campaign and the messaging that I really believe in. Talking about mental health is crucial to the destigmatisation of both mental illness and mental health facilities which offer help and support to those with mental health difficulties. Specifically engaging young people is a really important factor as there is such an opportunity for people in school to receive education about managing their mental health and resilience and learn the importance of opening up and verbalising their feelings and emotions. I’m honoured to be part of a campaign which is driving the normalisation of mental health difficulties and the importance of cultivating positive mental wellbeing.'

Designed by our Avoca creative team right here in our Wicklow design studio, we have created a beautiful candle and paper chain decorations in partnership with the campaign. Both are now for sale in-store and online, and all proceeds will be donated to Walk in my Shoes. We hope this will have a meaningful effect on people’s lives, particularly at this time of year which can be difficult for so many. This year more than ever, we want to help those in need, to foster wellbeing within our own community, and to highlight the important issue of mental health. A perfect Christmas gift or a meaningful addition to add to your Christmas table, we hope this candle and paper chains will help shine a light on a very worthy cause.

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