Avoca at Bloom: Celebrating 300 Years

May 01, 2023

For Avoca, it all began in our little weaving mill in Avoca Village, Co. Wicklow, back in 1723. Deriving from the old Irish word abhoca meaning ‘little treasure’, we have been weaving here since 1723 and there are third generation weavers still working here today.

300 years later in 2023, colour and craft are still at the centre of everything we do.   To celebrate the 300-year anniversary of our Wicklow mill, Ireland’s oldest working weaving mill, we will be unveiling a 300-year anniversary garden at Dublin’s Bloom Festival this June bank holiday weekend!

The garden, designed by award-winning gardener Kevin Dennis, will be a celebration of Avoca’s heritage. While nodding to our rich history, the garden design will have a contemporary feel. The latest material trends will be incorporated throughout, illustrating how Avoca is at the forefront of modern design. We are very lucky to have some wonderful suppliers to help this beautiful garden come to life; Armatile, The Outdoor Scene and Caragh Nurseries.

A love of gardening is at the heart of Avoca. Many of our locations offer wonderful gardens to wander through and admire such as the beautiful Mount Usher gardens, an award-winning example of Robinsonian gardens. Others boast fabulous nurseries, bursting with flowers and plants, many of which are grown by the Avoca gardeners in poly tunnels, grow beds and in the edible kitchen garden in Dunboyne.  

Combining the Avoca's affinity with nature and gardens and the 300-year anniversary of our magical weaving mill, the Avoca show garden at Bloom will be a beautiful, immersive experience for all visitors to enjoy.