Our new Range of Avoca Teas



New Avoca Tea Time Teas


Watch out for our delicious new range of Irish-blended Teas in our stores and online. We've four different varieties: Avoca's own Special Blend in both loose leaf and tea bags and Irish Breakfast and Afternoon Blends just in tea bags. Each Avoca Tea Time tea comes in its own gorgeous vintage-style tin tea caddy which you can refill of course.


Tea first arrived in Ireland in print-lined tea chests in the 17th century. By 1750 it was the most popular drink here on the island. Designing these tea caddies, we were inspired by exquisite early tea sets. There's a tiny antique lustre jug here in our studio that says: "Friends all, please make free and tell me how you like your tea."


Well, it is all about friends, about relaxing, about enjoying and appreciating a delicious cup of tea. Will we put the kettle on?

Posted on 24th July 2014 in News & Events