The Joys Of Gardening


Everyone would like to have a lovely garden but a huge number of people wrongly believe that achieving their own Eden is a difficult and time consuming venture. Nothing could be further from the reality, you could grow some of the most lovely plants on the top of The Sugar Loaf!!


Also apart from the joy of a garden, gardening itself is very good for both one's physical and mental health and well being. People spend fortunes on various therapies, yoga and Goodness knows what else but in many cases mental stresses etc. are completely wiped out by time spent in the garden.  Monty Don, the presenter of BBC Gardening, has always stated publicly that he suffers from depression which he controls by gardening. It is in my opinion, impossible to spend time in your own garden without being happier as a result. Just try it!  



It is alarming how many of our customers start a conversation in our garden area by saying "I don't have green fingers, every plant I buy dies." In reality we all have 'green fingers'.  Having them simply demands that we take a tiny bit of trouble to find out the minimum care the plants we are buying need, plants are no keener to die than we are and they were growing successfully hundreds of millions of years before mankind walked out of the forest as an ape!! (if they had not there would have been no apes) because all life as we know it is made possible by green plants.


Before they started to grow the atmosphere of the earth was totally toxic and if they ceased their vital oxygen producing process life on our planet would be terminated in a very short time. There is growing scientific evidence that we all (and children in particular) should have green plants growing beside our computers and in our living areas because of their ability to turn toxins into oxygen. 




There is no space anywhere in Ireland which cannot be home to beautiful plants, our garden staff, who all love plants and love talking about them, are delighted to give our customers practical advice without any frills about what and how to grow in all areas. Listening to them you will be amazed how wonderfully easy it is to grow beautiful plants which will thrive in all areas whether sunny, semi- shaded or in full shade. There is a misconception that all plants need bright sunny sites but in fact there are many beautiful ones which won't tolerate full sun.



Avoca, in my prejudiced opinion, grows and sells the best plants in Ireland at prices which are very affordable. We grow almost all the outdoor plants ourselves here in Kilmacanogue which ensures they are hardy and bred to our conditions. If you are interested do not hesitate to visit our growing areas and ask questions. If you are a keen gardener and would like to buy unusual and special specimens it is worthwhile talking to Desmond Carton, who runs this area, as he often has a few collectors' items. 



- Donald Pratt







Posted on 15th May 2015 in The Joys of Gardening