Meet Avoca's Dog-Mad Online Team


When we were chatting about ideas for National Dog Day here at Avoca Online we realised that a lot of the team had one amazing thing in common - our absolute and undying devotion to our pet pooches. So, when it comes to creating the traditional 'Meet the Team' web page, we thought we'd let them do the talking. Obviously, they did most of the talking about themselves...


Hi, I’m Daisy and I’m best friends with Sophie our Digital Marketing Executive who looks after Avoca Social Media. I love tummy rubs and naps, enjoy running on the beach and feel it's my job to protect the house at all times. Also woe betide anyone who thinks it's ok to leave me out of any conversations.


Worzil is my name and I was a rescue puppy from Monaghan. Me and Ian (Head of Online) and the rest of the family love heading out to Malahide Castle where I get to chase rabbits – and going to the beach where I get to swim in the sea.  I’m not fond of park wardens and my favourite thing to do is snuggle with Sam (my doggy buddy).


Maisy here, faithful companion to Operations Manager Sean and dedicated squirrel catcher. In my spare time I love to spend time with Mum, Dad, Lucy and Laura trying to subtly convince them to give me chicken treats. I’m also expert at giving Dad his favourite facials.


I’m Marley and the gift (or even loan) of a squeaky toy could be enough to make you my friend for life – particularly if you let me sit on your lap. My real friend for life though is Online Content Manager Melanie and I love when she brings me to Killiney Hill to chase other dogs. FYI I hate baths, swimming and being without my humans.


My name is Codie  and I like to hang out with Online Administrator Naomi since she’s always happy to keep me supplied with plenty of tummy rubs. She’s also really good at bringing me for walks whenever I like and doesn’t get cross when I sleep to much.


Give me a cup of tea and a lie-in and I’ll be happy – and my best friend Niamh (Online Administrator) is a bit the same. She calls me Gucci (‘cause that’s my name) and when we go for our long walks we love to talk about fashion. Well, when I say talk … ah, if you love dogs,  you know what I mean.


I’m Chanel and I think my friend Robyn (Online Product Manager) thinks I’m a bit of a paradox as I love swimming – hate baths – but love being dried. I also love balls, but that’s a whole other story.



 Our Customer Service Rep Kristina's Unicorn felt too camerashy for this photoshoot but she is also an integral part of our Online Team.


By the way, if you'd like to get your paws on any of the Avoca style that these canny canines are modelling, you'll find them all here.


Posted on 26th August 2016 in News & Events